Sinus infection natural home remedies that WORK!


Sinus infection has been keeping you up at night for a good while now?

Welcome to the club!

Best Home Sinus Infection Natural Remedies

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Sinus infection (aka sinusitis) can make you miserable and the end result to get rid of it is usually by a round of antibiotics and decongestants.

Nevertheless, there were times when you just don’t want to use any medications.


Well because sometimes you can get rid of sinus inBest Sinus Remedyfection at home using things you probably already have laying around in your kitchen cabinet.

You not only can save money on a doctor’s visit and prescription, but you can also keep your body from building resistance to life-saving antibiotics.

Sinus infection natural home remedies

So I looked everywhere on the internet and put together a list of my best sinus infection home natural remedies, in no particular order. I hope you find your relief with them:

List of effective sinus infection home remedies:

  • Use essential oils

Guess what?

Best Sinus RemedyYour granny was actually right! Essential oils carry the day when it comes to treating sinus infections at home naturally.

They have been used for centuries to treat everything from headaches to ant bites, so it stands to reason that they are also a way to get rid of sinus infection naturally at home.

Below are some of the essential oils I found to be useful to treat sinus infection and provide relief to sinus congestion.

– Oregano essential oil  Sinus Infection

Oregano oil is a popular essential oil that is used to care for sinus problems as it has some great anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

But how do you use it?

You simply need to put a few drops of oregano oil in your water or juice, consume that several times a day and your sinus infection should go away in a few days.

– Peppermint and olive oil

Sinus Infection

Best Sinus RemedyTo help the breakup of sinus congestion, which often leads to sinus infection, mix a drop or two of peppermint essential oil with some olive oil and massage the aching sinus areas like the area above the eyes and around the nose.

Very soon your nose will start running like a river in the spring! I should warn you though, keep plenty of tissues around, this remedy will allow you to blow your nose and drive out that potential infection-causing mucus.

But it’s worth it!

– Eucalyptus essential oil

Sinus InfectionAdding into your humidifier every night is another way to take care of sinus infection at home naturally.

Many people believe it’s one of those very effective essential oils that are great for the overall health.

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  • Inhale steam

No humidifier? No problem!

Best Sinus RemedyA bowl or a steam pot of boiling water will do the trick.

It’s a traditional and natural method that some people swear by as an effective home cure to sinus infection and congestion.

Great, but how do I use it?

First, you want to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil such as eucalyptus or peppermint oil to a bowl of steaming water.

Next, you want to place a towel over your head as you lean over the bowl to hold the steam in, and breathe as normal.

Hopefully, in no time, you will enjoy better breathing and fewer headaches and a smile back on your face.

Note from a reader: you need to steam ten to twelve times a day for long lasting relief!

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  • Rinse with salt water

If the above two methods didn’t work well, a salt water rinse is a great natural sinusitis remedy, and one that has been proven effective.Sinus Infection

The water flushes out the mucus while the salt helps to prevent infection. A neti pot – a device that looks like a bowl with a spout – can be used to direct the water up the nostrils so that it enters the lower sinuses. See below video to explain how:

By now, you are probably thinking, ewwww!!!!

Well, my folks have always had a neti pot at home, which always came in handy when I was under with a sinus infection.

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  • Consume apple cider vinegar

Best Sinus Remedy

Apple cider vinegar is a popular recommendation.

It’s considered the way to go if you are seeking a quick cure to your sinus infection at home.

Okay, but why is that?

It contains vitamins B1, B2, A and E, plus calcium and magnesium. These help to clear the mucus from the cavities, and can treat the symptoms of allergies.

It can be used in the same way as a salt water rinse, or can be drunk as a tonic. But wait, I can’t stand its smell and taste!

Usually, a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day are enough to put off most colds, flu and sinus problems.

Nonetheless, if a sinus infection looks like it is sneaking up on you, I recommend mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in an eight ounce glass of water and drink it three to four times a day.

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  • Fix a hot lemonade!

No, it’s not a typo. A hot lemonade is a thing .. really!

Best Sinus RemedyThis is another great home remedy for severe sinus infection that you can easily do right now.

Preparing it is easy. If you know how to do a regular lemonade, you should know how to prepare a hot one, just replace cold water with hot and you are good to go.

This home remedy for severe sinus infection is enormous in the sense that it protects you from fevers, colds or the flu because of the lemon’s antibacterial and antiviral properties.

But remember!

This remedy hugely depends on the quality of the lemons used, so make sure to use the highest quality fresh locally produced lemons you can get your hands on, preferably organic, if possible.

It instantly makes you feel calmer and soothed, which is very comforting to your little poor inflamed sinus.

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  • Take oregon grape root

Sinus InfectionI personally haven’t heard of this herbal medicine until recently. I’ve done my research and here are the results. Oregon Grape Root is very helpful in treating your sinus infection because it is a natural antibiotic that instantly kills bacteria.

WARNING: Like many other herbal treatments, consult your physician before using it, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from a chronic condition.

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  • Apply a warm compress

Dampen a cloth with warm water, then place it across the eye and nose area. That’s it!

It couldn’t get any simpler than that.

Now this is a useful home remedy for sinusitis. It helps to keep the nasal passages moist to combat the mucus build-up. Pro tip: Apply a cold compress afterwards to help reduce swelling and relieve the sinus pain.

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  • Enjoy a spicy meal

Best Sinus Remedy

Like you needed an excuse to enjoy a spicy meal, right?

Consuming chili or curry comes with a beneficial side effect – a natural remedy for sinusitis.

But what if you’re not a big fan of hot dishes? Well, there are other foods that can help too. The most valuable ones for treating sinus pain include chili peppers, turmeric, ginger, horseradish, wasabi, garlic, onions, and mustard.

Ginger can also be used to make a tea. Both inhaling the steam and drinking the fluid will help to keep the sinuses moist. Ginger is also known as being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, so will reduce swelling and kill bacteria.

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  • Use fruit seed extracts

Sinus InfectionGrapefruit seed extract, and an extract from pineapple stems known as bromelain, are known to be good naturBest Sinus Remedyal sinus remedies.

Grapefruit seed extract can be used in a nasal spray to clear out mucus and as a mild antibacterial. Bromelain is a well-known anti-inflammatory, used by some boxers and other fighters to reduce swelling. It is taken as a powder; however, it is known to interact with some medications, so you should check with your doctor before using this natural sinus remedy.

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  • Reduce allergens

You know the old wisdom, prevention is better than cure, and this is especially true for sinus pain.Sinus Remedy

Allergies can trigger inflammation of the sinuses and the mucus blockage. Minimize the risk of allergens in your home to help prevent this annoying problem.

Make sure that dust mites are exterminated, that there is no mold anywhere, and use bedding with allergen-barriers
that it is washed regularly on a high temperature.

Equally, it would be beneficial to try to keep away from things that you know trigger your allergies.

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Curing a sinus infection naturally at home sometimes means relying on some age old remedy that has been handed down for centuries.

Now go ahead and give any of the above a try. If you have used any home remedies that worked for you, let’s talk about it in the comments section. Share the knowledge so the community at large can benefit.

But before you go.

I suggest that you bookmark this page as you might need it as a reference in the future. I will keep it regularly updated it with more information as we go.

In the meantime, take a moment to check the other articles to find out more about sinus problems.

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